Airport Glycol Recycling

The collection and recycling of spent aircraft de-icing fluid is Inland Technologies' core business.
We offer a range of products and services to support this mission.

Inland has a growing suite of in-house designed equipment to support glycol recycling [Glyvac™, Glycol Concentrator and our Starcevic Distillation System™]. We also own and operate a wide spectrum of filtration and reverse osmosis systems.

Inland provides a variety of management services supporting airport environmental compliance including stormwater management, lagoon management, liaising with public treatment plants, testing and compliance management, and managing equipment and systems such as anaerobic digesters and engineered wetlands.

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  • Turnkey Services

  • Inland Technologies is a full service airport environmental compliance specialist. We offer a complete range of spent aircraft de-icing fluid management and wastewater programs for both large and small airports, using a variety of technologies and equipment systems.

  • Glyvac™: Glycol Recovery Vehicle
  • Acting on a marketplace need, Inland designed and now manufactures our patented Glyvac™ for the fast and efficient recovery of spent aircraft de-icing fluid. Compared to other recovery vehicles, the Glyvac™ offers a number of features that drive operational efficiency including a large holding tank, quick off-loading, low maintenance costs and a 40% fuel savings over similar vehicles.

  • Glycol Concentrator
  • A key component of Inlandís glycol recycling process is the patented "Glycol Concentrator". This technologically-advanced, cost-effective system removes water from collected glycols, producing a concentrated glycol/water mixture with up to 60% concentration.

  • The Starcevic Distillation System™
  • Inland developed the Starcevic Distillation System™ [SDS] to offer turnkey glycol recycling services to clients in various sectors. This scalable system is a two-stage plant that processes a 50% raw-grade glycol up to 99.8% virgin-quality glycol product.

  • GlycolGuard™
  • Together with customer input and drawing on years of field experience, Inland designed and developed the GlycolGuard™ drain block system. Because of its innovative design, our drain block is highly effective in preventing unwanted runoff during de-icing operations or during other situations where containment is essential.
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