The GlycolGuard Drain Block System

The GlycolGuard™ drain block system is a containment solution for contaminated stormwater, hazardous spills, hydrocarbons and other pollutants. Environmental protection is improved while recovery, clean-up time and costs are minimized.

Constructed of stainless steel, the GlycolGuard™ is robust and is customizable to fit most standard drain systems.

The GlycolGuard™ is appropriate for tank farms, refineries, airports, or any industrial situation where liquid containment is essential. Because the unit is virtually impervious to freezing or clogging, its performance is more reliable than other equipment.

The GlycolGuard™ is:
  • Easy to operate & maintain. The drop-down valve is opened and closed using a T-bar key, eliminating the need to remove the drain grates in order to operate the drain opening.
  • Custom built to fit. Inland custom manufactures each unit, based on a drop-in design. We can deliver and install the GlycolGuard™ to ensure optimal performance.
  • Low maintenance. The shallow basin and drop-down valve allow fluid to drain freely and quickly, while self-cleaning the basin and drain plate and preventing freezing or clogging. An annual seal check is recommended.
  • Robust. Constructed of stainless steel, the GlycolGuard™ is built to last.
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An optional filtration sleeve enhances environmental
protection against hydrocarbons and sediment.

Installation by Inland specialists ensures optimal performance.

The GlycolGuard can be opened and closed using
a T-bar key without removing the grate.

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