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Inland provides aircraft de-icing services at nearly 20 civilian and military airports across North America. In addition to our Canadian and American operations, we have a Glyvac™ GRV at Londonís City Airport.

Our sites operations range in size, scale and scope of services. At our smaller sites, we may provide glycol collection services with offsite recycling and disposal. At our larger sites, we typically offer turnkey programs with onsite recycling. These locations vary in size from those that generate tens of thousands of liters of effluent to those that generate tens of millions of liters.

We have included sample site overviews below in PDF format:
  • Denver International Airport
  • Inland Technologies International has operated a turnkey waste aircraft de-icing fluid recycling service at Denver International Airport since June 2004. The program includes collection of large volumes of effluent from centralized de-icing pads and onsite recycling and distillation. This site produces at 99.5% pure glycol product that is sold into various industrial markets and reused. The site is also certified to Duragly™, our Type I aircraft de-icing fluid.

  • Halifax International Airport
  • Since 2004 - Inland Technologies Canada has operated a turnkey glycol recovery and recycling service at Halifax International Airport. The site uses a range of equipment to maintain compliance with Canada's CEPA 100 mg/L glycol limit, including the Glyvac™ glycol recovery vehicle and Glycol Concentrators for onsite recycling. This location is coming online in 2015 as an accredited Type I manufacturing site.

  • Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
  • Inland Technologies International has provided waste aircraft de-icing fluid recovery and recycling services for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) since 1998. The turnkey program includes containment, recovery, and recycling of spent aircraft de-icing fluid collected from the gate and ramp areas at Washington Dulles International and Ronald Reagan National Airports.

  • Portland International Jetport, ME
  • Portland International Jetport is situated in an ecologically sensitive area close to a waterway. In 2010, the airport proactively commenced with an onsite recycling program for spent aircraft de-icing fluid. Inland established and operates a turnkey glycol recovery and recycling service as part of the airportís larger environmental management program.

  • Bradley International Airport
  • Inland provides onsite glycol recycling at Bradley International Airport using a combination of our Glycol Concentrators and reverse osmosis technology. The facility typically processes two to three million gallons of glycol impacted stormwater per season.
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