Message from Roger Langille - CEO

Innovation; experience; commitment to customer service...

These three tenets sum up Inland's history and illustrate why we are here today.

Inland has been built on continuous innovation. In the 1980's and early 90's, Inland was primarily a waste oil recycler that also managed glycols from automotive centers. When Transport Canada issued RFP's in the early 1990's for airport glycol collection services, we were awarded this work. We soon realized that the volume of material generated from aviation warranted looking into recycling versus biological treatment. A technology drive was initiated and our Glycol Concentrator was the result.

We didn't stop with the Glycol Concentrator though. More recently, we developed our own Glyvac™ glycol recovery vehicle (GRV). This custom-engineered vacuum truck maximizes chemical recovery while improving operator safety. It consumes 30% to 45% less fuel than other units making it one of the most cost effective GRVs in the market. We have also designed and developed a mobile airport glycol distillation plant. This plant allows us to cost-effectively provide turnkey recycling services at airports of various sizes. Inland is now also a producer of Duragly™, an aircraft de-icing fluid based completely on recycled glycol.

And we aren't stopping there. More research and development initiatives are planned. Sustainability and improved client services are the key drivers in our R&D plan.

Inland is experienced. Since the Glycol Concentrator was first developed and patented, we have recycled over 700,000,000 liters of spent aircraft de-icing fluid! Each of our clients has presented a unique opportunity for us to develop customized solutions to their environmental compliance requirements. The net result is that we have a highly experienced team and a broad inventory of glycol management tools to serve our client base. We have many long term employees and have a combined several hundred years of experience in the aircraft de-icing fluid management business.

Inland is focused on excellence in customer service. We are committed to a climate of continuous improvement as a means of offering broader services and better value to our clients. We recognize the value of long-term partnerships and strive to continue growing our business relationships.

I would like to invite you to join us in a dialogue on our service delivery and your requirements - both short and long term. Please don't hesitate to contact us at any time.

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