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The Glyvac™: Glycol Recovery Vehicle

A critical component of minimizing the impact of spent aircraft de-icing fluid on the surrounding environment is the rapid clean-up of used fluids from airport apron areas.

Compared to other recovery vehicles, the Glyvac™ offers a number of features that drive operational efficiency:

  • Collection Efficiency: The Glyvac™ shears effluent off ramp surfaces evenly across the 2.4 metre/8 foot wide pickup head.

  • Quick Offloading: The Glyvac™ uses an onboard pump capable of offloading a full load [6800 liters/1800 gallons] in less than 10 minutes, improving recovery rates and labour efficiencies.

  • Safety: All recovery operations are managed from the driver's position and offloading is carried out from a safe distance.

  • Maintenance: Inland designed the Glyvac™ to avoid high-wear, high maintenance items. Maintenance costs are significantly lower than comparable vehicles.

  • Fuel Consumption: The recovery system is so efficient that fuel savings of over 30% are seen over comparable systems.
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