Integrated Deicing Services (IDS)
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IDS has developed an in-depth training program that is designed to progress a new employee with no experience to a level of proficiency where they can safely & efficiently de/anti-ice aircraft. Furthermore, the intent of the IDS training program is to identify and develop individuals who wish to grow within the organization or the industry.

The IDS learning path is designed to introduce new subjects and skills by following a natural progression from simple to complex; known to unknown. As trainees demonstrate knowledge and proficiency, they progress to increasingly challenging and detailed training elements. Although the learning path is always moving forward, trainers continuously review previous lessons with trainees to strengthen their foundations.

An important component of the IDS training program is oversight of all training. Strong oversight policies are in place to ensure strict adherence to IDS and customer standards.

With a focus on safety and operational excellence, the IDS training curriculum reflects our commitment to the development and growth of our greatest asset; our people.

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