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Our Locations

The Inland Group of companies provide environmental airport services, aircraft de-icing services and ground handling services at over 50 civilian and military airports across North America and internationally.

Our site operations range in size, scale and scope of services, including glycol collection services with offsite management to turnkey programs with onsite recycling.

We have included sample site overviews below in PDF format:
  • Denver International Airport
  • Inland Technologies International has operated a turnkey waste aircraft de-icing fluid recycling service at Denver International Airport since June 2004. The program includes collection of large volumes of effluent from centralized de-icing pads and onsite recycling and distillation. This site produces a 99.5% pure glycol product that is sold into various industrial markets and reused.

  • Halifax International Airport
  • Since 2004 - Inland Technologies Canada has operated a turnkey glycol recovery and recycling service at Halifax International Airport. The site uses a range of equipment to maintain compliance with Canada's environmental limit of 100 mg/L. This location provides a full closed-loop glycol collection and recycling service, supported by the on-site manufacturing of aircraft de-icing fluid and FlightBloo™, our aircraft lavatory fluid.

  • St. John's International Airport
  • Inland Technologies Canada delivers three main services at St. John's International Airport: management of the Central De-icing Facility (CDF) and Ice House, aircraft de-icing, and collection and recycling of aircraft de-icing fluid effluent as part of the airport's environmental compliance program.

  • Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
  • Inland Technologies International has provided waste aircraft de-icing fluid recovery and recycling services for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) since 1998. The turnkey program includes containment, recovery, and recycling of spent aircraft de-icing fluid collected from the gate and ramp areas at Washington Dulles International and Ronald Reagan National Airports.

  • Portland International Jetport, ME
  • In 2016, Portland became the first airport in the United States with an on-airport facility to capture, recycle and remanufacture aircraft de-icing fluid. The facility processes about two million gallons of effluent each season and manufactures aircraft de-icing fluid from the reclaimed glycol.

  • Bradley International Airport
  • Inland provides onsite glycol recycling at Bradley International Airport using a combination of our Glycol Concentrators and reverse osmosis technology. The facility typically processes two to three million gallons of glycol-impacted stormwater per season.

  • Calgary International Airport
  • Inland Technologies Canada has operated a turnkey recovery program at Calgary International Airport since 2002. This program has expanded in recent years to include glycol recycling and retention pond management. With the installation of Inland's Glycol Concentrators, Starcevic Distillation System™ and the construction of a new plant and tank farm, the site was certified under 4MS1424 in 2017 for the production of Type I aircraft de-icing fluid.

  • United Airlines - Newark
  • Inland Technologies International launched a glycol recovery program for United Airlines at Newark's Liberty Airport in 2012. The program was developed to offer better environmental protection, improve ramp safety and improve traffic flow during snow events. Inland has eight glycol recovery vehicles onsite and has installed several GlycolGuard™ drain blocks throughout the apron. Collected effluent is stored temporarily onsite before it's trucked to Inland's Portland, ME facility for recycling and reuse.

  • Toronto Pearson International Airport
  • Inland Technologies Canada provides a turnkey glycol collection and recycling service at Toronto's Pearson International Airport as a component of the airport's overall environmental management program. Inland's Glycol Concentrators process an average of eight million liters of glycol-impacted stormwater each season and release a cleaned water stream that contains less than 1000 mg/L of BOD.
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