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Message from Roger Langille - President & CEO

Innovation; experience; commitment to customer service...

These three tenets sum up Inland's history and illustrate why we are here today.

Inland has been built on continuous innovation. In the 1980's and early 90's, Inland was primarily a waste oil recycler that also managed glycols from automotive centers. We began providing airport glycol collection services in the early 1990's, and have continued to grow from those roots. Recently, we've grown through the acquisition of Contego Systems in 2014, and Boreas Holdings in 2015, which added Integrated Deicing Services, Deicing Solutions and Quantem Aviation Services to our family of companies. We now provide a full range of airport environmental compliance services, along with aircraft de-icing and airport ground handling services.

We're continuously innovating the technologies we use to provide our range of services. Many years ago, we recognized that the volume of waste glycol generated from aviation warranted looking into recycling versus biological treatment. A technology drive was initiated and our Glycol Concentrator was the result. We developed our own Glyvac™ glycol recovery vehicle, and designed and developed our own glycol distillation plant. Inland is now also a producer of several aircraft de-icing fluids based completely on recycled glycol. We have an active research and development program driven by sustainability and our goal to continuously improve client services.

Inland is experienced. Our family of companies serve 40 airports in four countries. Since the Glycol Concentrator was developed and patented, Inland has recycled one billion liters of spent aircraft de-icing fluid! On the equipment side, we own and operate dozens of glycol recovery vehicles and hundreds of aircraft de-icing trucks. We develop customized solutions to our clients' environmental compliance requirements, resulting in a highly-experienced team and a broad inventory of glycol management tools.

Inland is focused on excellence in customer service. We are committed to safety and continuous innovation as a means of offering broader services and better value to our clients.

I invite you to join us in a dialogue on our service delivery and your requirements - both short and long term. Please don't hesitate to contact us at any time.

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