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Workplace Safety

At Quantem Aviation Services we understand that the focus of our success hinges on the people that we work with every day. Safety is our number one priority and always will be. We are committed to taking preventive measures to mitigate the risk of work related accidents and injuries; to ensuring that our employees and our facilities are safe and secure and to being responsible corporate citizens.

Our Management team leads this commitment, and strives to make constant incremental improvements to our programs; to providing clean and functional facilities; appropriate ground equipment, tools and safe and secure working conditions.

Our leaders set the example and will cultivate a culture in which the utmost regard is given to safety and security of all personnel in the workplace.

Our employees are encouraged to promptly raise questions and concerns on issues or hazards relating to health, safety, security and environmental impact; to reporting any potentially dangerous or hazardous conditions immediately; and to carrying the Quantem Safety Coin with them at all times, as a reminder of these commitments.

The Quantem team provides the most reliable and safe delivery of aviation support services for our customers and clients.

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